Convalescent care at home

Making a full recovery after an operation or illness often takes time, patience and a good deal of rest and recuperation. Our home care team can help you to get back on your feet by providing convalescent care throughout west Dorset, aiding recovery and building independence from the comfort of your own home.

Post-operative home care ensures that appropriate care arrangements can be put in place quickly and easily following a hospital discharge.

As well as helping to rebuild independence and confidence, convalescent care at home also ensures that the recovery process is closely monitored which enables the patient to return to their home comforts quickly while reducing the likelihood of relapse.

As well as providing help with practical day to day tasks which will aid rest and speed up recovery, we understand the impact of a friendly smile, a kind word and taking the time to chat.

Support packages for convalescent care at home

At Casterbridge Home Care, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. We work closely with the people we support and their families to develop a personalised support plan which meets their specific needs. Our home care support packages for convalescent care at home can be anything from a couple of hours a week, to 24/7 support.


What support do you offer people who need convalescent care?

The type of home care we provide could vary considerably depending on the needs of the individual and on the nature of their illness or operation. We focus on helping to rebuild independence by supporting people to retain or rebuild the skills they need to return to completely independent living. Our caring and compassionate team are happy to get involved in any type of domiciliary care, from helping out with meal preparation, running errands and dealing with medication, right through to just popping in to offer a friendly “hello” and a familiar face.

Our home care services include

Companionship, a chat and a friendly smile

Recovering from a debilitating illness or operation can be a long and lonely process and being discharged from hospital can be daunting. Reducing social isolation is incredibly important to us at Casterbridge Home Care. We understand the crucial role we have to play in offering companionship; someone to pop in and say hello, check to make sure all is well, play a game or have a cup of tea and lend a sympathetic ear when it is needed.


Help with washing, dressing and personal care

Personal care such as washing, continence and oral hygiene can be difficult to manage during the recovery period. Whether you would like help with washing and personal care, or someone to simply help to pick out an outfit or iron your clothes, our convalescent home care team can lend a helping hand.

Cooking and serving meals

Our home care team can help by offering support with meal planning and preparation. We’ll work with the person we are caring for (and their family) to determine how much help is required, as well as identifying likes and dislikes. We will tailor the support to the needs of every individual, from helping with menu choices and assisting in the kitchen, though to ensuring that each individual gets the calorific intake they need to aid a swift recovery.


Help with domestic and housekeeping tasks

Our home care team is more than happy to provide support with domestic and housekeeping tasks, from cleaning and washing dishes to changing beds and doing the laundry.

We will aim to involve the people we support where appropriate, encouraging independence, building confidence and cultivating a sense of purpose and independence when completing day-to-day tasks.

Running errands and shopping

Our home care team offers support with running errands and visiting the shops, allowing our customers to rest and recuperate. We are more than happy to involve people in whatever way makes them feel comfortable, from planning and writing shopping lists, accompanying them to the shops or assisting with online shopping.


Help with collecting and taking medication

Convalescence care following an operation or illness may rely heavily on medication, medical equipment or pain relief. Casterbridge Home Care team can support with managing and collecting repeat prescriptions, ensuring safe storage of medicines, timely and safe administering of medication and also observing any changes in behaviour, health or side effects.

Company and support for appointments and outings

Our home care team can help with making appointments and are happy to accompany the people we support when they attend. We also work with community health teams, such as physiotherapists and district nurses, to help ensure continuity of care by helping to ensure that their recommendations are followed through.


Support to live a full life

Our aim is to support people to make a full recovering, assisting them to return to a full and healthy lifestyle. Our home care team is happy to support hobbies and opportunities to socialise. Our carers are chosen for their compassionate nature and take a holistic approach to care, offering physical, emotional and practical support at home.

Home care you can trust

Our convalescent home care services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), offering all of our customers complete peace of mind. CQC is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. Their job is to make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality care. Find out more about the role of CQC here.


Find out more about our convalescent home care services

If you would like more details about our convalescent home care services in west Dorset, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.